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Stacy sent me more pics from the SNF tour. First fan pics from this tour. Thanks Stacy!

Joanna sent me some pics from the SNF Souvenir Program. Thanks Joanna!

Tim found another review. Thanks Tim!

Thanks to Tim for finding a Saturday Night Fever review that mentions Jim in it. Be sure to check it out.

New splash page. Updated the biography section. Put tons of new pics up...and re-organized the pics into pages according to which show they are for. In doing this, I realized I work with someone who was in WSS with Jim. Small world!

Did some minor tweaking. Nothing too serious. Added a link to the Jim Ambler Mailing List in case you want to join. Have some ideas to organize things on the site in a more orderly fashion. Also, looking to create a new splash page. I'd also like to set up a way for all of you to contribute any pictures, news articles, reviews, or random Jim-ness you may run across locally (especially considering most local newspapers will do articles on SNF as it passes through town) to me for the site as it would be impossible for me to find everything on my own. I'll hopefully be able to get some new stuff up soon. Again, I really do apologize for the dormancy of this site. Not only to the fans who come here, but to Jim himself. Forgive me! :)

After almost a year of not updating this site (I am VERY sorry!) I am back to bring this site up to date. Jim is currently playing Bobby C in the national tour of Saturday Night Fever. I will attempt to get this site fairly recent as soon as I can. Hopefully with new pics, new info, a new message board since the old provider has apparently gone under. Again, apologies for my long hibernation. But I'm back now...and hopefully for awhile :)

Jim's first night in Saturday Night Fever on Broadway was last night. Way to go Jim!

MANY apologies for no updates for so very long. Just a quick word to let you all know that I have not forgotten about this site or about Jim and his career. I currently have a few pictures and some sounds to upload, and as soon as I get one free moment to hook my scanner up and record the sounds, I promise you all that I will add them to the site. There may also be slight reorginization going on as well since Footloose isn't Jim's only show featured on the site anymore. Anyway, please forgive me or being so bad with updating, and look for more soon. I promise!

Thanks to Daniela, there are now two Italian reviews of WWS that have been translated for use on this site! The page is currently rough around the edges, but I wanted to get them up as soon as possible. Check the main menu for the link..."Reviews."

Pictures from Jim's last show are finally up. Look on the Pictures page in the Show Shots section (wow. tongue twister). Jim is currently in Slovenia with West Side Story and having a great time. The show is going wonderfully!

Site title changed. New graphics added.


Jim's final show!

New Fan Pic added. Final two weeks to see Jim in Footloose! Hurry before it's too late! Look for a special tribute coming the weekend of May 20!

I have the honor of announcing that Jim will be leaving Footloose on May 21. He has been cast as Riff in the new production on West Side Story which will be produced in Milan, Italy! Congratulations, Jim! We know you'll be incredible, we'll miss you while you are away. Thanks for the great Footloose memories!

A few pics added in the Fan Pics section and new pics from the Broadway Softball League '00 were added in the Appearances section.

A new sound of Jim as Chuck was added on the sounds page. Also, added more info for each sound so duplicate versions of each song can be added later and still be able to tell them apart.

Two new pictures in the Fan Pics section.

New picture added in the Show Shots section.

New arrangement of a few pictures in the Pictures section along with a new Fan Picture and some new Appearance Pictures.

A picture of Jim with some other cast members was added in the Pictures section. Good place for it, huh? :P


After being hyped for weeks now, I have finally gotten the interview posted. Enjoy learning even more about this great performer! Also, another picture from Jim's PCLO days posted.

New pictures from when Jim was a teen posted in the Picuture section.

After forgetting to update this portion of the site and then going through the stress of finals, I am back to updating. New pics were added today.

12.8.99 - 12.12.99
Jim went on as Ren for three performances (12.8.99, 12.9.99, 12.10.99) and suffered an injury during the final one. He was out for a day (12.11.99, Sean Haythe understudied Lyle) and then returned (12.12.99) though still in minor pain. Get well soon, Jim!

After playing to a preview crowd and getting great reviews, "Amblerville" opens its doors to the general public.